Does Molina Cover Acupuncture Therapy?

If you have Molina Healthcare as your health insurance provider, you may be wondering if it covers acupuncture. The short answer is that coverage for acupuncture is limited to the pain management of migraine headaches and lower back pain.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what exactly Molina covers when it comes to acupuncture, and how you can make sure you get the most out of your acupuncture sessions.

What Does Molina Cover in Acupuncture Therapy?

Molina’s coverage for acupuncture includes the use of needles and manual manipulation in order to relieve pain associated with migraine headaches or lower back pain.

In addition, Molina also covers traditional Chinese massage (TCM) and acupressure treatments. Coverage will vary depending on your plan, so it’s important to check with your provider to find out what exactly they cover.

How Can I Make Sure I Get the Most Out of My Acupuncture Sessions?

If you decide that acupuncture is right for you, there are a few steps you can take to make sure that your treatment is successful.

First, be sure to communicate any concerns or questions that you may have about the procedure before beginning your session.

This will help ensure that all parties involved are on the same page about what to expect from the treatment and help prevent any misunderstandings down the road.

Additionally, many practitioners recommend keeping a journal throughout treatments in order to document any changes noticed over time.

Finally, make sure to follow all recommended aftercare instructions given by your practitioner after each session, such as taking prescribed medications or avoiding strenuous activity until further notice. Doing so will help ensure that you get the most out of each treatment session.


It’s important to keep in mind that every healthcare plan is different when it comes to coverage for acupuncture treatments.

If you have Molina Healthcare as your health insurance provider, understand that coverage for this type of treatment is limited but available for certain conditions such as migraine headaches and lower back pain.

Be sure to ask questions before starting a treatment plan and follow all aftercare instructions provided by your practitioner in order to get the most out of each session.

With careful planning and attention paid during treatments, acupuncture can be an effective way of managing pain associated with these conditions!

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