Does Tricare Cover Acupuncture Services?

In recent years, acupuncture has become an increasingly popular form of complementary healthcare. It is often used to treat a variety of medical conditions, ranging from chronic pain to fatigue.

But the question on many people’s minds is whether or not Tricare – the military healthcare program – covers acupuncture services. The answer is no.

Does Tricare Cover Acupuncture Therapy?

Tricare does not cover acupuncture services because it is considered a “complementary and alternative medicine” practice, which is outside of the scope of traditional medical care.Tricare Acupuncture coverage

Other “alternative” therapies such as yoga and massage therapy are also excluded from Tricare coverage.

However, there are some exceptions for certain medically necessary treatments in which an individual can receive pre-authorization through their primary care provider or a specialist.

In addition to being excluded from Tricare coverage, acupuncture services may also be subject to additional fees that are not covered by insurance plans.

These fees include the cost of needles and other supplies used during treatment sessions as well as any additional fees charged by the acupuncturist for follow-up visits or long-term treatment plans.

It is important to be aware of these costs before seeking out these services so that you can plan accordingly and make sure you are receiving the best possible care without breaking your budget.


Despite being excluded from Tricare coverage, acupuncture remains a viable option for those looking for relief from their symptoms without relying solely on prescription medications or surgery.

While it may require additional financial resources to seek out these services, those who do find relief have noted significant improvements in their quality of life.

If you think that acupuncture could be beneficial for you, speak with your primary care provider about finding an acupuncturist in your area who can provide effective treatments within your budget constraints.

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