Does Aetna Cover Acupuncture Therapy?

When it comes to our health, we want to make sure that we are doing everything possible to maintain our well-being. This includes making sure that we are taking advantage of all the treatments and therapies available to us.

If you’re curious if your insurance provider covers acupuncture, keep reading. We’ll break down what Aetna covers when it comes to this treatment.

Does Aetna Cover Acupunture?

Yes, Aetna covers acupuncture in some cases as long as the medical condition qualifies for this treatment regimen, and where the treatment process is carried out by a qualified medical professional.

Aetna’s standard health insurance plans include acupuncture for medically required purposes when delivered by a licensed health care professional acting within the boundaries of his or her professional license.Aetna acupuncture coverage

When utilized in lieu of other forms of anesthetic for a surgical or dental treatment covered by the health benefits plan, and the health care professional giving it is a legally certified physician acting within his or her area of practice, some Aetna policies do not cover acupuncture at all.

Some additional health insurance plans may cover acupuncture for medically required purposes, but only when provided by a health care practitioner who is a legally certified physician who is acting within the boundaries of his or her professional license.

For further information, please refer to the benefit plan descriptions.

As a medical necessity, Aetna believes needle acupuncture (manual or electroacupuncture) to be appropriate for any of the following conditions:

When a member’s symptoms are neither regressing nor improving, maintenance therapy is deemed unnecessary by medical professionals.

In the event that no clinical effect is shown following four weeks of acupuncture, the treatment approach should be re-evaluated.

Further acupuncture therapy is not regarded medically essential if the member does not experience a significant improvement in his or her symptoms after the first session.


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